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Welcome to homecoffeemaker.org, an information packed site which will help you decide on the right coffee maker for you and your family. We will help you walk through the experience of purchasing a great coffee maker that suits your tastes and budget. With so many coffee makers available like Bunn, Krups, Cuisinart, Keurig, Black & Decker, Hamilton Beach, Delonghi…the choices are staggering but, each brand provides something just a bit different and unique.

Our mission is clear: to provide you with the best information about coffee machines possible so you can decide what will work for your long term coffee drinking needs.

If you already know what type of machine you would like to buy, head over to Amazon.Com and see if your purchase qualifies for free shipping. With over 1,800 machines, selection and price are not the problem – it is just clarifying what your needs are which will help you make an efficient, cost effect choice.


Drinking Coffee – A Personal Experience

Making and drinking a brewed cup of coffee is such a personal experience that often times is shared with family, friends, colleagues and sometimes, strangers. Besides water, coffee is our most favorite beverage so with that honor comes the high energy discussions on how it should be brewed and served. Well of course there is no right or wrong way to drink coffee – what tastes and smells great to one person may not for the next so, finding the right blend, coffee making method and added condiments are key to making the right cup of coffee for YOU!

Why Is Home Brewed Best?

Have you heard of the “Latte Factor?” David Bach, a well-known financial advisor and author discusses what it means to stop spending money on the little things in life and invest the money in yourself. The “Latte Factor” simply means, stop spending money on that daily cup of “fu-fu” coffee or latte and redirect that same amount towards savings. That $1.20 a day Dunkin Donuts habit will cost you $438 a year. Now this $1.20 is for a basic cup of coffee. Most specialty coffees cost a lot more but I am just using this for an example. Spend less than $100 on a coffee machine and $14 a month on quality coffee, you can reduce that number by .70 cents.  The point is, by taking the time to figure out how to blend coffee or espresso that fits your palette, your pocketbook could save a lot of money plus you are not drinking your favorite beverage out of a paper cup but your favorite mug from you kitchen. Delightful!

But What Kind of Machine Should I Get?

Choosing a coffee maker that maintains proper brewing temperatures is vital to an excellent coffee drinking experience. Most inexpensive machines will boil the water through the coffee which will result in an over extraction of bitter oils and other unwanted flavors released into the water.

If you find that your coffee tastes great no matter what machine you use, by all means, spend less than $100 and buy a coffee maker that suits your lifestyle. Do you only drink 1 cup a day on the go?  Perhaps the Black and Decker DCM18S Brew ‘n Go Personal Coffeemaker with Travel Mug will fit the bill and the wallet. This coffee maker has over 690 reviews on Amazon.Com so check out what others have to say.

If making coffee in the morning is not your thing, perhaps a programmable coffee maker will help the process. The Cuisinart DCC-1100BK 12 Cup Programmable Black coffee maker suits most households quite nicely.

Another quite interesting machine class is the Breville Gourmet Single Cup Brewer which allows you to use your own coffee beans or, use the individually packed single serve coffee pack. This machine is great for people on the go who do not want to fuss with measuring coffee plus may have water impurities. This Breville passes the water stream through a charcoal filter which removes smells and unwanted minerals from the water.  Many small professional offices use this machine so there is not the mess of coffee grinds but also works well in households where there is sporadic need for a quality cup of coffee. Additionally, the drip chamber houses almost any kind of single travel mug so a specific type of cup is not needed.

NOTE: Read the reviews on Amazon.Com for the specific machine you want to purchase. A person who takes the time to write a review, bad or good, is generally an informed consumer and enjoys coffee to the point that writing a review about a machine is a somewhat passionate endeavor.

According to several coffee industry gurus like David Schomer and Marino Petraco, many of the flow drip coffee machines have temperatures and drip flows that are irregular and the warming plates can scald the coffee. Have you ever gone into a Starbucks Coffee House or Dunkin Donuts and tasted a really bad cup of coffee? Most likely not because all of the components for a good cup of coffee are there – a constant temperature/flow rate coffee machine, high quality coffee beans, grinder and great, low mineral content water. There is no reason you cannot recreate many of these coffee tastes with a bit of testing and finding the right machine. An expensive machine doesn’t necessarily mean a great machine – only purchase a machine with features  you are going to use. A programmable coffeemaker makes no sense for someone who gets up and makes the coffee every morning.


How To Make Coffee In A Coffee Maker

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